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Peptoc is a project by artists Jessica Martin and Asherah Weiss, along with the students of West Side Elementary in rural Healdsburg, California.

Jessica and Asherah were inspired by the student's joy and resilience amidst the pandemic, wildfires, and the challenges of growing up.  Peptoc was created to celebrate the power of children and creativity through a two-part public art project. 


Part one includes a series of over 150 different inspirational posters made by every student at the school.  Posters with tear-off tabs were hung in public space in the local town to inspire its inhabitants and give them a little joy in their day.

Part two is the hotline, recorded and produced by Jessica and the West Side students.  Anyone with access to a phone can call to hear pre-recorded words of encouragement and life advice from the students, arranged by theme (press 1 if you are frustrated, 2 for life advice, 4 for laughter... ).  There is an option for recorded pep talks in Spanish as well.

This project is inspired by artists working in the field of Social Practice, such as the work of Susan O'Malley and Future Farmers.

Link to the West Side Arts Program website (led by Jessica Martin):

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