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1 if you're frustrated
2 for life advice
3 pep-talks by kindergarteners
4 children laughing with delight
5 pep talks in Spanish
6 for how awesome you look
7 bonus advice
0 to donate



Peptoc Hotline features pre-recorded life advice and encouraging messages from the students at West Side Elementary, a K-6th public school in rural Healdsburg, California.

Within a few days of going live in late February of 2022, the hotline went viral on social media, was covered by all major press and news stations, and received over 60,000 calls an hour.  Within one month, the hotline received almost 5 million calls from all over the globe.  7 months after launch, we went viral again, receiving millions of calls a day.

The hotline has deeply touched millions in a very dark time in the world, as we navigate tragedies such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.  People have sent us letters from all over the globe--from cancer patients, to emergency ward staff, to kids who needed a pick-me-up after a difficult day.


PLEASE DONATE TO KEEP THE HOTLINE GOING!  If one person for every 10 callers donates $1, we will be able to keep the hotline funded.  Any additional funding will go to support West Side Elementary's enrichment programs (like the art program that made Peptoc!), which were cut by 75% after the pandemic.  All donations are tax-deductible.

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