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We are thrilled to announce the August 6th, 2024 publication of our book, You Are Amazing Like A Rocket: Pep talks for Everyone, from Young People Around the World (published by Andrews McMeel and distributed by Simon & Schuster).  It is the product of our world-wide call for Peptoc-inspired posters.  We received images of hand-made posters with encouraging messages by young people from 25 countries and from across the US.  The result is a hilarious, wise, generous book that will lift up and inspire everyone who reads it.

There are also 8 tear-out posters made by the students of West Side Elementary (co-creators of the Peptoc Hotline) for you to hang up in your community, on your wall, or gift to someone who needs a dose of their spot-on life advice.

Pre-order your copy at your local bookstore and at any book retailer online! A special library edition will also be available.

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