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Calling all youth of the world! Everyone under the age of 21 is invited to participate in our global public art project!  Participants are invited to make a small poster with encouraging words or drawings, hang it in a public place, and then share photos of the poster with us (see info below). 

We will feature images on our Instagram page.  Please note that our call for poster submissions for our book project is now closed.

Young people from 25 countries have participated so far--we are so honored!  Our forthcoming book highlights many of the posters we received in early 2023, and serves as an ode to all the young people who have made posters for their communities.  Keep and eye out for it in August 2024!


Peptoc Poster Guide Page 1
Peptoc Poster Guide

Consider adding rip-off tabs to your poster!

Flyer install.jpg

Example of image showing the poster in its surroundings.


Example of image cropped to only show the poster.

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